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YES! Absolutely! While I am physically located in the small town of Port Alberni, on Vancouver Island in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  I have clients from all across Canada, and worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom and Australia to name a few.

The wonders of modern technology allow me to provide online support to anyone via Zoom!

Absolutely! I spent the better part of my nursing career specializing in with people who have neurodiversity. 

Everyone deserves a better sleep! Getting there can sometimes take a bit longer depending on your particular challenges – but the reward is worth the effort!

Research shows that sleep plays a key role in the reduction of many mental health challenges – like ADHD, irritability, and aggression – that children and adults with a disability can face on a daily basis.

Yup! Of course this depends a lot on what your child is developmentally capable of. But, as a triple certified sleep coach I am able and willing to work with families at any age, including babies.

I recognize that private 1:1 coaching support is a luxury for many. But, I strive to help as many people as I can! For this reason, I have many free and lower cost options available.

My group coaching offers the BIGGEST transformation for the price. It’s a really great option because as it offers all inclusive, ongoing support for a one-time investment

A simpler, more affordable option would be to a Sleep & Sanity Power Hour session. These one-off calls offer more of a DIY approach, as there is no built-in follow up. 

Payment plans may also be available. 

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Maybe! While I am trained, and registered as a Psychiatric Nurse, extended health plans can vary quite a lot. It really depends on where you live, and your coverage details. I recommend contacting your service provider to be sure. 

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