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Holistic Sleep Coach for Toddlers

Maisie Ruttan
Certified Sleep Consultant for Kids

Are you in search of specialized sleep support for your toddler or young child?

You're in the right place!

I’m a certified sleep consultant helping frustrated & overwhelmed parents go from exhausted & guilt-ridden to confidently solving their toddler sleep struggles with heart-centered & holistic sleep support.

Children's sleep specialist Maisie holding book

Hey! I'm Maisie

I'm a sleep coach and I specialize in working with toddlers + Kids (beyond the baby years)

The newborn days were a blur weren’t they? I got off pretty lucky, as my twins slept ok. But, they woke a lot between the two of them!

Then…. BAM! We hit the toddler years. All of a sudden they were waking up again, and bedtime took forever. I was yelling, they were crying – and I felt so guilty!

I quickly realized that sleep advice for toddlers sucks! 

The more I searched for a solution to my nightly chaos, the more I felt drawn to fill this gap. I started focusing more on sleep, development, and parenting for KIDS and have no plans to turn back!  

Because, as a mom of twin boys, I get it.
You want the best for your family, and so do I.

You want to parent your child to sleep with more peace, ease, confidence and clarity.

But there is so much conflicting information!


Believe it or not, but there are no regulatory bodies in the sleep world! And, most sleep certs are limited to just few weeks of training (with no prerequisites). 

This means that anyone can call themselves a sleep expert – even with no training, experience, or knowledge of the important things, like attachment. 

There is also no widely agreed upon use of the words “gentle” & “holistic” – which makes things really tricky for you!

Fortunately, I’ve studied under some of the most respected people in the sleep and parenting space, including the amazing Lyndsey Hookway, Dr. Laura Markham, and the Neufeld Institute. 

Education Highlights

Below you will find a selection of some of the education, certificates & courses that have formed the basis of my approach.

*The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program has the highest level of accreditation currently available in the industry. As a HSCP Graduate, I am bound to a code of conduct, which outlines some important do’s and don’ts.  Learn More

Heart-Centered & Holistic Sleep

What does it mean to be a holistic sleep coach?

Many parents have heard about sleep training, and cry-it-out strategies, and are looking for more respectful sleep training or gentle sleep training solutions.

Holistic sleep coaching is NOT the same as sleep training. Holistic sleep coaching isn’t some “woo-woo” solution either. The true meaning has nothing to do with crystals, herbs or other airy-fairy stuff (though there is growing research in these areas!) What this really comes down to is approach.

It’s about understanding your child’s unique needs and working together to create a personalized sleep plan that works for your WHOLE family. ‍‍‍My holistic approach is individualized, relationship centered and also evidence-informed (supported by research).

It’s about helping your child to feel safe and secure with truly gentle, attachment-focused, responsive sleep strategies, while prioritizing your needs as well!

My approach looks past any surface level behaviors or problems, and digs deep to find the underlying reasons behind your child’s sleep challenges (so that another problem doesn’t just pop up and take its place!)

The process involves an in-depth assessment, sleep diaries, education and collaborative discussion.

Because, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ technique when it comes to sleep coaching, and that’s okay! There are no superficial, short-term or band-aid solutions here 😉

Toddler sleep expert Maisie Ruttan featuring toddler kissing baby

What does it mean to be a heart-centered sleep coach?

My central mission is to do good. So uncompromising honesty, transparency and integrity form the foundation of my heart-centered, genuinely gentle sleep approach. I promise to never ask you to do anything I wouldn’t try with my own kids. Nor would I ever suggest that you leave your child alone to cry, or otherwise avoid or limit your response to them. 

It’s only when you know better, that you can do better. But to make good decisions you need more than Dr. Google. You need credible information that’s based on actual science. That’s where I come in. As a psychiatric nurse, sleep specialist, peaceful parenting educator and holistic sleep coach, I have infused more than 15 years of clinical experience, and countless hours of education into my practice.

We are all doing the best we can within the life we are living, which is why I believe so strongly in good-enough parenting. As we work towards meeting your goals, I’ll do my best to understand your unique situation without assumption or judgment. Ultimately, I will respect the values and choices that form your parenting style with warmth and compassion. 

The way you interact, connect and respond to your child is founded in relationship. Which is why I believe so strongly in supporting families using an attachment-based developmental approach. Utilizing a blend of gentle, holistic and positive parenting to sleep strategies, I can help you to find ways of coping in the short term, that also help your child to develop, grow and thrive in the long term. 

You are the true expert of your child. I’m more of a sleep and parenting sherpa, and myth buster here to collaborate and empower you to dig deep, to rediscover your intuition and find the best solutions for your family (regardless of how that fits into the mainstream narrative). No one-size-fits all approaches, or band-aid solutions here!

My Favourite Things

A frosty cider

Kettle chips

Sunny Lake days

Kitty cuddles

A good read

On the homefront

I’m a highly sensitive mama of a couple of energetic twins who challenge me every day. We (I mean my husband) took up chickens during the pandemic which has been kinda fun.  And, other than that, I’m waddling through the parenting trenches just like you!  

My Vision

My vision is to build a community of parents who no longer doubt their every move, who trust that they are the true experts of their child, and above all else, are not afraid to do sleep and parenting differently.

what I'm about

I’m big on honesty, and am not one to sugar coat things. I’m a perfectionistic, people-pleaser and a bit sassy at times. I’m the mom with the messy “mom bun,” yoga pants, and sticky floors. And when I’m not providing sleep support for toddlers you can find me reading, scrolling or watching Netflix while my hubby does bedtime!

Certified Holistic Sleep Consultant For Toddlers featuring Maisie with her two kids.


Pediatric Sleep

I LOVE working with toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged kids. They’re my favourite 😉

Gentle Parenting

As a certified Peaceful Parenting Coach, I bring gentle parenting tools into my sleep supports

Mental Health

As a highly sensitive, anxious Mom, and a trained psychiatric nurse, I get it. Parenting is HARD!

Twins & Multiples

I’m a twin Mama + a multiples mentor for other sleep coaches. I’ve been there, and can help!

Family Sleep

I’m a triple certified sleep coach, and am experienced in working with babies through to adults


Got a highly sensitive kid? Or a child with ADHD, FASD, or Autism? Better sleep really is possible!

my signature service

Sleep Program For Toddlers - Parenting Support

Hello Bedtime is an ‘all inclusive’ group coaching program for Parents with kids ages 2-8.

This comprehensive sleep coaching program for toddlers provides you with all the education, tools & support you need to make the transformation from a frustrated, exhausted and touched out parent clenching your jaw through bedtime…

To finally reconnecting and, recharging as parents and resting in the confidence that you are doing right by your child

Stop dreading bedtime & say hello to a rested night’s sleep!

Respect sleep coaching featuring mom sitting with toddler.

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"I can't even guess the number of sleep consultants I have followed on Instagram, or how many sleep training blogs I have read - but none of them provided me with the insight I gained from Maisie."

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