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Holistic Sleep Coach for Toddlers

A Truly Gentle Alternative to Sleep Training For Children

Heart-Centered Sleep Coaching

Customized Toddler Sleep Consultations for Overwhelmed & Defeated Parents.

Sleep without sleep training consultation with Maisie Ruttan.

Private Sleep Coaching With Maisie

If you are feeling lost, uncertain and overwhelmed trying to get your toddler to sleep and are looking to work together one-on-one, then this is the path for you!  

Whether you are ready to move away from a situation that is adding stress or resentment to your life, or you want to get your sleepless kiddo to start sleeping more independently – through the night… It’s time to stop throwing spaghetti at the wall in hope that something sticks.

Get better sleep without sleep training with my signature heart-centered and holistic sleep coaching approach designed specifically for toddlers and kids.  

Does this sound like you?

Child Sleep Specialist and Coach Featuring tired mom sitting on couch
Holistic Sleep Coaching Featuring Woman hugged Toddler in bed.

"Since working with Maisie our sleep, naps, bedtime - everything has been smoother"

“Since working with Maisie Ruttan our sleep, naps, bedtime – everything has been smoother!! We went from nightly tantrums with my 2 year old and bedtime taking an hour between 6 kids, to peaceful naps and bedtime taking 15 minutes tops. With way less emotion! Hallelujah!

— Trina Holden

Homeschooling Momprenuer to SIX kids!

the big problem, no one is talking about

Most Toddler & Child Sleep Advice is Crap!

There’s this assumption and expectation that sleep should come easy… that it organically gets better as your child needs less-and-less milk overnight, and continues to get better as they age.

So when your child is struggling, or isn’t sleeping as you’d hoped and expected…it’s easy to blame yourself. 

If you’re open about your experience with others, the advice pours in. But it rarely helps.

Your friends mean well… but their kid is not like your kid. And as for your elders, they grew up in a different era when closing the bedroom door and ignoring cries and requests until morning was the parenting gold standard (um no thank you!)

Which is why most parents whip out their phone, scrolling for answers, hoping to solve sleep on their own.

Except this leaves you feeling even more hopeless and confused, because:

You are NOT alone! SOOO many families get frustrated and give up on Google only to spend spend months, if not YEARS struggling 😢

Holistic and Attachment-based Sleep Training Coach Maisie

Sleep advice may suck
But that doesn’t mean you have to Wait It Out! As a certified holistic sleep coach and toddler sleep consultant, I offer solutions that are truly gentle and more supportive of the attachment relationship than traditional sleep training.

can you imagine?

The freedom of stress-free sleep?

Picture a world where sleep is predictable, bedtime is a breeze, and your evenings are truly your own.

Gone are the days spent sitting in the dark – for hours! Willing and waiting for your child to finally fall asleep. Walking on eggshells trying to avoid a meltdown… and then turning into “mean mom” when your patience wears thin. 

What if you could..

Holistic Sleep Coach Maisie Ruttan Making Heart with hands

Meet Your Toddler Sleep Consultant

Hello my sleepy friend

Hey, I’m Maisie! A family sleep specialist and twin mom. I’ve been where you are, and truly get how hard it is! Heck I’m still there some days 😵‍💫 

When working together, I’ll draw from my experience as a psychiatric nurse, peaceful parenting educator, and holistic sleep coach.

My approach to sleep coaching for toddlers, preschoolers, and older children prioritizes your child’s developmental stage and their need for emotional safety, while nurturing their confidence, empowering them with each step towards independent sleep

I am passionate about supporting sleep in a way that is truly gentle, that meets your child’s developmental needs and balances your needs (& wants) as well!!!

Who I work With

Sleep Specializations

Pediatric Sleep

I LOVE working with toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged kids – beyond the baby years. They’re my favourite ;)

Family Sleep

I’m a triple certified sleep coach, and am experienced in working with ALL ages – babies through to adults (0-99)

Twins & Multiples

I’m a twin Mama + twin educator, and multiples mentor for other sleep coaches. I’ve been there, and can help!


Got a highly sensitive kid? Or a child with FASD, Autism? or cognitive disability? Better sleep really is possible!

"If you are looking for a gently way to get your kiddos to sleep..."

Maisie was so lovely to work with. I really loved the on call support. She was always quick to respond with new ideas to tweak what I was doing and reassure me that I was on the right track. Maisie gave me the support I needed to feel confident in what I was doing. 

I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for a gentle way to get your kiddos to sleep. I went from co-sleeping full time with a boob in his mouth to my son sleeping in his crib with only a few resettles and feeds through the night. It was amazing to get my body back and some sleep. Thank you so much Maisie!!

— Jenny Beckmann

Clinical Counsellor, and Mom to a wakeful 8 month old

Individualized Sleep Support for Parents

What I Can Help With

These are just some examples of what we can accomplish together. 

It is completely customizable to you!

How I can Help You to

Get Your Child Sleeping

I want this for you too!

Working with me 1:1 is like working with your (wiser 😉) big sister or bestie. I’ll be your biggest fan, your go-to support person and sleep sherpa, helping you to parent your child to sleep with more love, peace, confidence and clarity. I will actually help you to succeed!

But most importantly… I will respect your values and choices with warmth & compassion.

(I won’t ask you to do anything you don’t want to, or shame you for following your gut).


How it Works

Holistic sleep consultant Maisie holding books

The first step is simply completing saying YES!  Then we make it official by getting the boring, formal stuff out of the way. You will then be prompted to sign our working agreement and make payment.

You’ll get an email from me outlining next steps. This will include a questionnaire and sleep diary.  I’ll review these ahead of our first call together so that I am up-to-speed on your situation which gives us more time to chat!

 We’ll look at what’s “normal, “ your family values, and your child’s development and temperament to help you understand where they are at, so we can come along beside them, setting realistic goals for you and your child. Plus we’ll start collaborating on next steps

 Learn how much sleep YOUR child needs, and what time is the best time for bedtime, wake time, and naps (if your child is napping). This will help add some rhythm and predictability to your day and helps your child to fall asleep more efficiently. 

I’ll review your current bedtime routine and your child’s sleep environment and help to iron out any kinks. This is all about setting the stage for sleep by creating a restful environment and a peaceful vibe. 

This is where we start putting the scaffolding in place to help your child gain the confidence to fall asleep (and back to sleep) more independently. We’ll take some time to prepare your child (and yourself) by boosting your child’s confidence AND upping your parenting game.

I’ll show you how to move away from unsustainable sleep methods, and nudge towards independence using my signature, 7-Step Freedom Framework. The best part…You get to decide the route and how fast we go based on how you and your child are coping.

We’ll connect as often as you need during our 8 weeks together. Send me a message anytime you have questions, doubts or concerns (or to share a win!) and we will also be connecting face-to-face to review your progress, troubleshoot and adjust the plan as needed. 

Client Testimonial

What People Are Saying

Sleep Coach for Toddlers review

Wrap Around Support

This 8 – week transformational 1:1 package is for families who are ready make a significant change to their family sleep situation. You’ll get my individualized attention and heart-centered support for eight whole weeks!

8-Weeks of Support

Individual support & VIP level hand holding for 8 whole weeks!

comprehensive review

I’ll analyze their sleep patterns & history looking for clues

Holistic Assessment

I’ll assess your situation and give you my expert opinion

Zoom calls

We’ll connect regularly to review goals & troubleshoot

Instant Messaging

Unlimited messaging between calls via Marco Polo (Mon-Fri)


Any handouts, videos, tools or resources that will help you!

Let's Go!

No more waiting this out, or DIY’ing it yourself.

It’s time to stop throwing spaghetti at the wall, and hoping for the best.

Price $1000 USD

*Payment Plans Available*

Have questions before you invest? DM me on Instagram – @maisie.ruttan

Real Results From Past Clients

Say goodbye to bedtime battles

"Zero tears at bedtime"

“We hadn’t had a bedtime without tears for many many months. But, because of Maisie, we started to have zero tears at bedtime, settling in bed became possible, and we are actually enjoying the bedtime routine”

Toddler Sleep Consulting For Toddlers Featuring a woman holding toddler.
Sleep Coaching for Toddlers Featuring Woman With Toddler

Finally sleep through the night

"What is this voodoo?!?!"

“He “just did a 7hr stretch! I can’t remember the last time he slept this long. Usually we’re up anywhere from 2-5 times a night. What is this voodoo!?!? I still don’t fully believe it, but thank you!!!”

Ditch the self-doubt

"The feeling of confidence"

“The main benefit for me has been the feeling of confidence and empowerment in my ability to navigate the unexpected, which Maisie has bestowed with a certain kind of magic & grace for which I will be forever grateful”

Sleep without sleep training Featuring a woman holding toddler.

Is This Right for me?

This is perfect for you if:

This is NOT for you if:

More testimonials

"After working with Maisie, bedtime is much less stressful and we're all finally getting more sleep!"

“Maisie was an incredible support to our family during a very stressful time with our toddler’s sleep She is knowledgable, personable, and so lovely to work with. She made us feel empowered and capable after months of defeat and sleep-related stress that felt unsustainable. After working with Maisie, bedtime is much less stressful and we’re all finally getting more sleep!”

— Larissa

A Registered Nurse & Mama of a 2 year old & a newborn

Better sleep is just one click away

Ready to take the stress out of sleep?


questions? I've Got You Covered

YES! Absolutely! While I am physically located in the small town of Port Alberni, on Vancouver Island in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  I have clients from all across Canada, and worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom and Australia to name a few.

The wonders of modern technology allow me to provide online support to anyone via Zoom!

I recognize that private 1:1 coaching support is a luxury for many. But, I strive to help as many people as I can! For this reason, I have many free and lower cost options available:

1) I offer a few different options for payment plans. Contact me to discuss

2) My group coaching offers the BIGGEST transformation for the best value. It’s a really great option because as it offers forever support for a one-time investment

3) A simpler, more affordable option would be to a Sleep & Sanity Power Hour session. These one-off calls offer more of a DIY approach, as there is no built-in follow up. 

4) If you are looking for some truly free support, then I recommend following me on Instagram @maisie.ruttan or joining my FREE Facebook Group. I try to run regular Q&A sessions so that you can get your questions answered  Join the group HERE!

Don’t forget to also sign up for my mailing list to receive free parenting to sleep tips!

Maybe! While I am trained, and registered as a Psychiatric Nurse, extended health plans can vary quite a lot. It really depends on where you live, and your coverage details. I recommend contacting your service provider to be sure. 

If at any point you are feeling lost or stuck, you can send me a message or request a coaching call. 

If you require additional support after our 8-weeks together, you can either extend your coaching with me, or book as needed calls, at a discounted client rate.

The short answer. Yeah probably. 

The long answer. Tears can be hard and triggering for us as adults, but for kids they are often a normal (and expected) response to a new boundary.

There is a big difference between traditional sleep training (also known as cry-it-out) and supported tears.

I do not promote or use any form of cry-it-out or timed checks. You will never be expected to ignore, leave the room, or refrain from comforting your child, especially if they are distressed!!

My approach is developmentally focused, and attachment safe which means it is truly gentle, responsive and respectful. Pinky swear ;)

PS – I have a whole blog on why I don’t believe in sleep training HERE

You bet! As a triple certified sleep coach, I am able and willing to work with families at any age, including babies.

Absolutely! I spent the better part of my nursing career specializing in with people who have health challenges and neurodiversity. 

Everyone deserves a better sleep! Getting there can sometimes take a bit longer depending on your particular challenges – but the reward is worth the effort!

Research shows that sleep plays a key role in the reduction of many mental health challenges – like ADHD, irritability, and aggression – that children and adults with a disability can face on a daily basis.

You’re skeptical. And, you should be! Because there really are no guarantees when it comes to sleep, or parenting. It’s impossible for there to be a solution that works every time, for all kids – period. If it did, you would already know what to do. 

Many parents feel like they have tried everything, and some have! But ‘throwing spaghetti at the wall’ is a whole lot different than following a proven framework, with expert support. 

What I can promise, is that I will support you to the best of my abilities ❤️

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

If you have a burning question, or aren’t sure my services are the right fit for your family. You can email me directly at or book a free (no obligation) call to learn more about my programs