For Gentle Parents of Toddlers, Preschoolers & Little Kids
(aged 18 months to 8 years)

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Are you ready to stop dreading bedtime and say hello to the freedom that calmer, more peaceful kid-free evenings bring!?

Hello Bedtime is an "all inclusive" program that provides all the education, tools & support you need to make the transformation from a frustrated, exhausted and touched out parent parent clenching your jaw through bedtime, to finally reconnecting with your partner, recharging as parents and resting in the confidence that you are doing right by your child - and yourself!

Say Hello to Bedtime (and a more rested night's sleep!)

Kind Words...

See what my Hello Bedtime Members have to say 🙂

"Maisie is kind, incredibly knowledgeable and was an expert guide. Highly recommend the hello bedtime program to anyone not sure where to start and wanting some answers. She leaves no stone unturned- you won’t regret it."

"Here is what Hello Bedtime did for me and my family:

- Made me feel less alone in my sleep struggles
- Helped me stop looking for one single silver bullet and start taking concrete action, one puzzle piece at a time
- Gave me structure and a plan - and tons of creative, easy to implement solutions that helped make things easier.
- We now have have zero tears at bedtime, settling IN bed became possible, and I'm actually enjoying the bedtime routine.
- Plus, we are armed with tons of information for whatever challenge gets thrown at us."
Josie Szatmari
Occupational Therapist & Mom to a 20 month old
"Hello Bedtime helped my husband and I to carve out the time to sit down and have honest conversations about our sleep values and expectations. It allowed us to consciously reflect on our current routines and make adjustments that would work for our family"
Rachel O'Brien
Teacher & Mama to a busy Toddler & Preschooler
"By the time people get to 2+ year old children, many will have given up praying to the sleep gods for a better night. You may even have gotten so used to your situation, you barely realise how drastically improved it could be. Certainly as conscious parents, it feels like waiting it out is the only option left. I myself had invested so much time over the months researching, but nothing seemed to improve my situation too much and if it did, along came a new challenge!
I found Maisie and was instantly impressed. Her credentials, her nature, her knowledge, her passion for wanting better for my situation. I certainly had high expectations for Hello Bedtime but wow, it surpassed in bucket loads. The content was incredible. So comprehensive, so thought provoking, but so easy to digest. Each week another piece to the sleep jigsaw was added, supported by multiple opportunities to debrief and ask questions 1:1.
I am so grateful to Maisie for everything she has done to support us. The shift in mindset, confidence and how our evening looks has been incredible.
Without doubt, the best decision I ever made for my family!"
Amy Dart
Teacher & Mama to Newborn & 3 year old
"I was at the point where bedtime was dreaded by myself, my husband, and our almost 3 year old daughter. I found Maisie on Instagram while I was up at 2am trying to figure out what to do about the sleeping situation. She stood out to me because of her combination health care background and holistic sleep coaching. Maisie was able to analyze our situation and provide insight and steps that started helping my whole family immediately.

She makes me feel empowered in my parenting! I am able to feel good about the parenting decisions I am making. She also understands that parenting is raw and messy and she doesn't shove a standardized schedule down your throat."
Cassie Holien
HR Extraordinaire & Mom to a 3 year old

Sounds good right?

Stop yelling and threatening your way through bedtime (or giving in to your child’s requests!) and confidently ditch those nightly power struggles, and all the guilt and self-doubt that comes with it.

Meet Maisie

Maisie is a psychiatric nurse, a peaceful parenting educator, and a holistic sleep coach. She has an international practice supporting families to gently and responsively parent their children to sleep (without sleep training).
She lives, works and plays in the beautiful Alberni Valley, on Vancouver Island, Canada. When she is not busy chasing her twin boys, or out in the forest, she’s nose-deep in a book learning ways to support families better.

You Won't Regret this!