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Holistic Sleep Coach for Toddlers

Discover Alternatives to Sleep Training with Holistic & Attachment Focused Sleep Support For Kids

Holistic sleep support for parents who are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed like they’ve tried already everything to get sleep happening.

You haven’t tried this! 

So, what D’ya say we get you your evenings back!?

Alternatives to sleep training featuring family playing in bed.

High-touch Group Program

Sleep Program For Toddlers - Parenting Support

Hello Bedtime is my signature, group coaching program. It’s “high touch” and “all inclusive” which means, you will be equipped with all the education, tools & support you need to make the much needed shift from a frustrated, exhausted and touched out parent clenching your jaw through bedtime…

To finally reconnecting and, recharging as parents and resting in the confidence that you are doing right by your child.

Stop dreading bedtime & say hello to a rested night’s sleep with this life changing program!

1:1 Sleep Support For Toddlers

Heart-Centered Coaching

If you are feeling lost, uncertain, and overwhelmed, and are looking to work with me one-one-one, then this is the path for you!  Whether you are ready to move away from a sleep situation that is leaving you feeling resentful or you want to finally see if you can get your sleepless kiddo to sleep through the night… It’s time to stop throwing spaghetti at the wall in hope that something sticks. 

This 8 – week transformational 1:1 package provides responsive, sleep training alternatives, catering to your toddlers unique needs and temperament, helping to ensure a more gentle approach.

This package is for families who are ready to make a significant change to their child’s sleep situation. You’ll get my individualized attention and VIP level hand holding for eight whole weeks!

*spaces limited*

Holistic Sleep Support Services featuring woman laying bed with toddler
Sleep Training Alternatives Featuring toddlers laying in bed

Hourly Consultation with Maisie

Sleep + Sanity Power Hour

Exhausted from searching for answers online? Stop doom scrolling, and ask me instead!

The Sleep + Sanity Power Hour is a great option if you feel stuck or confused by all the noise out there and can use some clarity (and a confidence boost!)

In this jam-packed 60-minute session, we’ll get laser focused, answering your sleep questions.

You’ll have my undivided attention, support and reassurance. You’ll leave feeling empowered and equipped with practical strategies and alternatives to sleep training and gentle sleep training that feel respectful and responsive to your child’s needs.

Real Results From Past Clients

Say goodbye to bedtime battles

"Zero tears at bedtime"

“We hadn’t had a bedtime without tears for many many months. But, because of Maisie, we started to have zero tears at bedtime, settling in bed became possible, and we are actually enjoying the bedtime routine”

Toddler Sleep Consulting For Toddlers Featuring a woman holding toddler.
Sleep Coaching for Toddlers Featuring Woman With Toddler

Finally sleep through the night

"What is this voodoo?!?!"

“He “just did a 7hr stretch! I can’t remember the last time he slept this long. Usually we’re up anywhere from 2-5 times a night. What is this voodoo!?!? I still don’t fully believe it, but thank you!!!”

Ditch the self-doubt

"The feeling of confidence"

“The main benefit for me has been the feeling of confidence and empowerment in my ability to navigate the unexpected, which Maisie has bestowed with a certain kind of magic & grace for which I will be forever grateful”

Sleep without sleep training Featuring a woman holding toddler.

We're a Good Fit If...

You are overwhelmed & confused by all the conflicting advice

You’re seeking alternatives to sleep training that match your family values & parenting style (and don’t leave you feeling icky!)

You're not feeling confident about what to do or try next

You want your toddler to sleep independently, but don’t want to mess them up or make sleep worse. You want a proven plan!

you're ready and committed to finally make a change

You don’t have the time to figure things out solo. You want support and guidance from a holistic sleep specialist right meow.

We're NOT a Good Fit If...

You want a quick fix

Real change takes time. If you want and expect overnight results, this is likely not for you

You want a trainer

If you want me to tell you exactly what to do, and want a ridgid step-by-step sleep plan & schedule

You want a guarantee

I will do my absolute best, but I don’t believe in forcing independence if they aren’t developmentally ready. 

Still unsure…? If you’re not sure if my holistic sleep support services are the right fit for you and your family, reach out and book a free discovery call. I’ll take the time to listen to your concerns, and will give you an honest opinion on whether I think I can help you.