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Holistic Sleep Coach for Toddlers

Gentle Sleep Consulting & Parenting Support

Sleep & Sanity Power Hour

A 60 minute private holistic sleep consultation with Maisie

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Cut through the noise

Practical & Evidence Based Sleep Advice For Kids

The Sleep and Sanity Power Hour is a great option if you’re needing help getting sleep back on track… or if you’re worried about something and want to pick my brain.

This session is perfect for parents with specific questions or concerns, looking for tailored advice and practical strategies that align with their family values and parenting style.

It’s a great way to get some initial guidance and peace of mind, without committing to my full sleep consulting services

Responsive Sleep Coaching for Toddlers and Kids: Personalized Strategies to Improve Your Child's Sleep Holistically.

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How The Sleep Consultation Works

It’s called a Power Hour for a reason! I will literally help you as much as I can within our 60 minute call. The time is yours – so go ahead and ask me anything! 

Think of it like your own personal Q&A. Your questions and concerns will be answered with a combination of education, validation, practical tools and guidance. 

Jumping In

The first step is deciding that you want my help! Then we make it official by getting the boring, formal stuff out of the way... like filling out a short form with your personal details and making payment.

Book a Call

You’ll then get an email from me with a link to my calendar so that you can  book your call. You'll have the option to share a quick summary of your concerns, and to submit your questions ahead of time.

Get my Help

We'll e-meet on zoom so I can ask questions and get more clarity on your situation. I'll share my impressions and recommendations and give you a chance to ask questions as well.

Make Changes

You'll leave the call with a deeper understanding of your child's situation and with some new ideas in your parenting tool box. Feeling inspired you'll put this into action, and make change happen!

Let's Do This!

Sleep & Sanity Call

Power Hour
$ 200
  • 60 Minute Consultation on Zoom
  • Resources & Tools Relevant To Your Situation
  • A Video Recording Of The Call

Is This Right for me?

This is perfect for you if:

This is NOT for you if:

The Sleep & Sanity call does not include a comprehensive review of your child’s sleep history or sleep diary analysis, and does not include a written sleep plan or troubleshooting support 

However… you do have the option to design your own package à la carte style.

This is a great option for situations where you would benefit from having more clarity, guidance, and support but aren’t ready or able to commit to one of my more comprehensive signature support options…

The Sleep & Sanity call can be a great way to get started. 

Certified Holistic Sleep Consultant For Toddlers featuring Maisie with her two kids.

Meet Your Holistic Sleep Consultant

Hello my sleepy friend

Hey, I’m Maisie…a twin mama who somehow decided it would be a good idea to ditch my career in nursing and start a business so that I could stay at home with my boys. Instead, I filled up my time with a bunch of courses and certifications and became a peaceful parenting educator & a holistic sleep coach!

I run an international practice supporting families to gently and responsively help their kids to sleep better (without sleep training)

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questions? I've Got You Covered

Honestly, it’s hard to say, and really depends on your situation. No two calls are alike! But, when it comes to kids, sleep problems are rarely just about sleep. So I will likely be asking you where everyone is sleeping, and more about your daily routines are, what you’ve already tried etc so that we can tease out what isn’t working, and what might be worth a try. We may also chat about your child’s temperament, sleep schedule and anything else that stands out. 

Great question! The Sleep and Sanity call is best for when you have one challenge or concern you’d like help with. 

Things like: 


– Sleep schedule clarity 

– Nap transitions

– Travel advice

– Time change support

– Childcare transitions

– Preparing for, or settling after a move

– Bedtime routine optimization

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and my Power Hour simply cannot fit every situation. Nor can I reliably predict the amount of time we will need when working together. 

I wish it were that easy ;)

But I promise to help you as much as I can in our time together

I’ve intentionally designed this to be an affordable option, so unfortunately follow-up care is not included. 

But, if at any point you are feeling the need for more support or accountability, you can further customize your support from me.

I offer à la carte follow up calls and messaging support. You can also upgrade to one of my coaching packages (at a reduced rate)


Timing varies, but generally I can get you in pretty quickly. Anywhere from a few days to a week! You can always message me to check as well. 

I am happy to support you child, at any age :)

On Zoom of course! 

You’ll be sent the zoom link automatically once you’ve scheduled your call, along with reminder emails. 

Of course! Participation is encouraged

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