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Why you need this!


Outside of hand washing and avoiding exposures, getting quality sleep is one of the best ways to boost your immunity! We'll give you my top 10 tips for a better sleep


These teeny tiny molecules influence literally every aspect of our being. We want them working with you, not against you. We'll show you the easiest ways to create balance


We learn best from others. You'll have access to our live Q&A and Pop-up Facebook group to get your questions answered. Plus there will be PRIZES! Invite your friends 🙂

Meet your Hosts

Maisie Ruttan

Maisie is a mental health and science geek who is super passionate about all things sleep! Her background is in health care, having worked both as a nurse and counselor. She also holds specialty training as a Sleep Coach. Working holistically, she focuses on wellness Her goal is to give you the knowledge and tools needed to make informed choices AND a gentle push to help you reach your goals.

Christine Tether

Christine Tether is a Holistic Hormone Coach, and the owner of New Growth Fertility Care. She lives in Salmon Arm BC, with her husband and two little girls. Through her own struggles with fertility, she found a passion for all things fertility and wellness. Her mission is to provide resources, information and guidance to anyone that is looking to support their hormonal health naturally and with confidence.

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