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Pre - Consult Playlist

The following videos contain information that most families I work with find helpful. These videos take just under an hour to watch and are designed to be watched before our initial appointment. The idea is to give you some sleep education and background in a way that leaves us plenty of time to chat! If you don’t get through all of them in time for our appointment – no worries! This meant to help you, not add to your stress. Feel free to watch or revisit these videos at any time and don’t forget to write down any questions you have!

Video 1 - Introduction & How this Works

Video 2 - Quick Tips

Video 3 - Bedtime Routine Essentials

There you have it! I know this was a lot to cover, but the information contained in these videos is some of the most common and helpful information I discuss with families. I hope you learned something new and that you are feeling inspired and ready to play detective! This information and background will surely help us navigate your child’s sleep struggles during our time together. 

Lets do this!