Today, I am going to chat a bit about sleep hygiene and how it can help get your toddler sleeping. I know you’re thinking, ‘Sleep whaaat?’

No this is not about fresh pyjamas, and clean teeth….though those are certainly beneficial aspects to your bedtime routine 

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If you are like Most Mama’s that I work with, you are tired! Fearful of starting bad habits, and anxious get your toddler sleeping better. 

You also want something QUICK so that you can get some much needed rest – like right meow!

Sleep hygiene is the fancy, technical word I have been taught to call quick wins!

Read. . .Quick and easy tips to get your toddler sleeping!

Getting your toddler to sleep better doesn’t have to be complicated.  A lot of this stuff is common sense, but somehow life with kids rids us of our common sense (#mommybrain)

We sometimes forget the little things. But these little things can add up, and make a world of difference. 

Let’s get them working in your favor! Keep reading to learn 3 tips that will help get your toddler sleeping!

3 Quick Wins to Help Get Your Toddler To Sleep

3) Get moving!

We all know busy toddlers make for tired parents. But is your never-sits-still kiddo actually active enough to help promote sleep?

Truthfully… When it comes to toddlers and sleep – I have yet to meet a kid who gets too much exercise!

The reality is, the chaos of our everyday lives does not leave enough time for many families to meet the daily recommended exercise requirements.

I mean who has time for 180 minutes of movement a day? That’s the magic number according to the Canadian 24 Hour Movement Guidelines for little ones aged 1 through 4. Ideally, these 180 minutes of physical activity would be spaced throughout the day, and some would be “energetic” in nature (especially for preschoolers!)

Here’s the good news though: movement is a sleep superpower!

Being active isn’t just about burning off that boundless toddler energy (though that’s definitely a bonus!). Daily physical activity helps regulate your toddler’s natural sleep-wake cycle, helping to set the stage for sleep. Exercise can also regulate their mood and reduce stress (meaning less refusals and temper tantrums!), leading to a more relaxed and peaceful bedtime routine.

So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by the daily hustle, remember – a quick trip to the park or a silly chase game can make a big difference come bedtime!


Toddler sleeping tips featuring child playing outside

My second tip, builds on the previous. {I am already preparing for the eye rolling…But here goes nothing}

2) Ditch the Screens.

Or at least limit them to no more than an hour a day (less is better). This includes television, phones, tablets, etc.

There are a couple reasons for this. It mostly comes down to the fact that we don’t want our kids to be spending too much time sitting. Ideally, kids should avoid spending more than an hour at a time sitting. This includes being in a stroller, car seat, and screen time. 

The best sedentary activities are learning activities, like reading, and art work which utilizes concentration and  fine motor skills.

Screens can also hinder sleep because of the light they emit. This is especially problematic in the evenings.  

When it comes to my twins, I find that TV turns them into little tele-loving zombies, and all too often I “miss” that sleepy window because they are quiet. Turn that TV off and the rambunctious munchkins return! Problem is, it’s then suuuuuuper difficult to get those hyper monkeys into bed!

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Sleep tips for toddlers featuring young toddler.

My #1 quick sleep tip for toddlers

1) Spend loads of time outdoors!

The outdoors is so beneficial for our circadian rhythms. See our internal clock can get a bit outta whack because it is slightly longer than the earth’s 24 hour cycle. 

The sun basically helps to regulate us and keep things in check. 

You know how electronics and routers sometimes start to act a bit persnickety and need to be reset sometimes?

The sun is our refresh. It resets us

Without this our biological rhythm shifts forward. 

Meaning bedtimes get later!

In theory, you might think that this means mornings will shift too. And they might! But I find shifting bedtimes can also lead to dreadfully early mornings.

So it’s important to get your timings right.

See….The sun is good for vitamin D, sleep, mood and so much more!

The sun also helps us to collect all the building blocks needed for the release of Melatonin come evening time. Melatonin is our sleepy hormone, and we want it working in our favor.

For another quick Melatonin tip, check out the video above! where I talk about the role of the sun on sleep ;)

So if your toddler won’t go to sleep, try giving one (or all!) of these tips a try. Or if you want some personalized guidance, check out my 1:1 sleep support for toddlers!

Sleep well Mama,

~ Maisie Zzz